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Human Performance Program

Attention:  Athletes, Runners & Fitness Fanatics- Drop the guesswork and decrease risk of injury,
enhance performance, learn safe exercise and avoid dangerous exercise.

Warning- Exercise Can Be Dangerous!!!

The purpose of our human performance program is to allow individuals the ability to exercise safely,
while enhance their physical ability.  We start with guided professional direction and finish
with educated, independent individuals.

Step 1:  How do I know what my biomechanical limitations are?

We will perform a complete head to toe biomechanical evaluation, administered by a licensed Physical Therapist.

We utilize the evidenced based “Selective Functional Movement Assessment”, “Functional Movement Screen”
and the “Y balance test”.  This is the most comprehensive method available today.

Step 2:  What exercises should I perform?

 Functional exercise performed with correct form, while addressing your personal biomechanical
 limitations and restrictions.

We will educate you on a customized corrective exercise program based on our evaluation findings.
We do NOT guess what exercises may work for you.

We provide step by step instructions on corrective exercises.

Step 3:  Can I increase my performance and decrease my risk of injury at the same time?

Yes, by achieving good mobility, stabilizing you body and then enhancing strength. 

We will finalize a corrective exercise program.  In addition, we will help you transition to a person
trainer, home based program or fitness center.  This will be completed after successful completion
of the corrective exercises.

Age Recommendations: 
The program is for kids to adults looking for enhanced sport performance to something as simple
as walking better.

Number of Sessions:
A typical program will last 3-5 sessions and then a transition to a personal trainer, home program
or fitness center takes place.