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"Sarah did a great job.she is witty and funny. And she is helping me get stronger. I enjoy singing with her and to her."


"I have so many people to think that my road to recovery. It would have been a lot harder without the response of expert care I have received here at Warners. Thank you, Jamie and all of the therapist for helping me get down this road to recovery. The end is near. One of my final steps was to get back down to my studio and start sewing again. Wanting to make these small "thank you gifts" has completed the part of my journey."


"While I was at Warner Physical Therapy recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery I had a great experience. I gained strength and confidence I need to participate in sports again. Everyone here make sure I'm taken care of and feel comfortable. The recovery process went better than I could have imagined especially because this was my second time with this injury. I am not even full cleared by my doctor but I cannot wait to play sports again."


"Jamie and the rest of the staff at Warner Physical Therapy were all extremely caring throughout my entire treatment. They were never without a smile and created a comfortable environment. Jamie never failed to give me the encouraging words I needed to hear on my way back to recovery."