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Welcome to Warner Physical Therapy!

We Care. We Deliver. We Restore. Live to the Fullest!

Warner Physical Therapy, with locations in Oswego and Watertown, has helped clients amplify performance, alleviate pain, and live to the fullest for more than 15 years.

We care. At WPT, you get one-on-one attention, customized physical therapy and wellness-enhancing programs, and an accessible, experienced team dedicated to your overall health and well being.

We deliver. With a proven track record, a highly trained and certified staff, and a solid reputation for success, we offer the absolute best in evidence-based physical therapy.

We restore. Whether returning to sports after an injury, working to recover mobility, flexibility, and strength, or simply pursuing an overall better quality of life, every day our therapists help others restore their wellness, feel great physically, and reach their fullest potential.

Trust Warner Physical Therapy to help you recover mobility, alleviate pain, and amplify your performance. Start today and live to the fullest!

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Pure Joy Healing in Oswego and Watertown is all about personal transformation. Your journey to pure joy starts here!

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Oswego Office

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