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Human Performance Program

Human Performance Program Oswego and Watertown

Warning- all athletes and fitness fanatics - when done incorrectly, exercise is ineffective and can be downright dangerous!

Are you ready to drop the guesswork of working out? Want to decrease your risk of injury while enhancing your performance? The Warner Physical Therapy Human Performance Program is expertly designed to help you do just that

Know your body's limits - and expand them safely

Using the most comprehensive evidenced-based functional movement assessments and balance tests available today, our skilled and licensed physical therapists perform complete, custom, and head-to-toe biomechanical evaluations to identify your unique limitations and restrictions.

You’ll learn functional exercises, correct form, and develop a solid understanding of your own personal biomechanics.

Successes not guesses

We do NOT guess what exercises will work. Instead, we professionally test, assess, and thoroughly evaluate each client to provide them step-by-step custom instructions on corrective exercise. By personalizing workouts, achieving good mobility, stabilizing the body, and enhancing strength, our program has helped many to live to the fullest by vastly improving their performance while lowering their risk of injury.

Welcome all ages

Whether trying to improve sport performance, or simply aiming to move or walk better, regardless of age, anyone from children to seniors can benefit from the program.

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Call us today and learn how you can live to the fullest with the Warner Physical Therapy Human Performance Program.

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